Agriculture club
NGO Rassadnik kulturi
Urban platform "Agriculture club" is an art-community in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, that merges art-cluster, civil activists and citizens together. Once designed to be an art-space, the place turned into a point of attraction of active and non-indifferent сitizens.
Mission of the club: preserve ability to think, comprehend and analyze in people, give them the space for self-development and sane criticism, maintain the connection to art, teach empathy and compassion.

All members of the club's team are volunteers. NGO Rassadnik kulturi (official name) exists with a help of citizens' endowments and grants. Organization is independent, it is not affiliated to any of political or religious organizations and does not have any political agenda. NGO believes in freedom of speech and expression, and puts it among top of its values. Projects that are connected to freedom of speech and human rights' protection in Russia are ones of the most significance.

One of the achievements of the place is freedom of speech of all its guests. Not accidentally most of the events and projects are interactive and allow the space for the guest to be heard. A voice of an individual is very important for the club.

Daily activities, concerts, seminars, lectures and even parties are inclusive and do not segregate people according to their age, ability, religious beliefs or sexuality and gender identity. People of all generations feel comfortable in a cosy and friendly environment.

Agriculture club is always open to new ideas and forsters urban projects.

Projects and agenda
The development trajectories are diverse, although the common feature of them all is a grassroots initiative.
Smart Friday Lectorium
Smart Friday is one of the most popular public projects of the club. 5 short lectures are delivered in TED format on various topics from local experts.
The audience: 100-150 people
Themes: science, art, health, psychology, human rights, education etc.

The secret of Smart Friday's success lies in a complex recipe of intellectual leisure time: a little bit of jazz, some humor and stand-up, non-formal atmosphere and facts. All lectures are recorded and posted on Youtube, there are regular video streamings that are watched by thousands of people.
Format of this event is a concert in flat props, built from scratch for each event.
The event is much bigger than just a concert. It is about the atmosphere, interaction, indulging into tea, and communcation. Having existed for 4 years, the projects turned into a monthly festival of good music and immersion into the artistic atmosphere, available for all ages. Concerts are visited by pensioners and students, the democracy of the ambiance attracts people from different backgrounds. Music unites.

Author and head of the project - Anastasia Orlova
Woman-only party "Nagovorila"
(from Russian "She has told a story")
Female documentary theatre held in a format of theatrical play-reading of real stories. The stories are written by women from the audience and submitted before the event (usually there is one topic for each monthly event). 5 women, including 3 professional actresses are reading those stories from the stage. The process of reading intimate anonymous stories has a psychotherapeutic effect on the audience that has a possibility to share their stories through the medium.

The audience: 100-150 people

Head and editor of the project Natalia Ermolina. Co-author of the idea - actress of the National Theatre of Karelia Alexandra Aniskina.

Other projects
  • Festival My Poet

    Interactive show for poetry lovers. Special evenings of particular poets, thematic poetry or self-written works. All recitals participate in competition (video recordings as well). The audience decides on the best recital.

    The winner of Russian competition Living Word (Boldino), participant of Biblionight, and organizer of international poetic Skype-competition between Russian and Norway.

  • Reading Classics

    Theatrical readings of the best Russian and foreign writers. Readers are artists, journalists, play writers, engineers, teachers. All readings are recorded and posted on a YouTube-channel of the club, making the audience of the project much bigger than offline.
  • Journalism
    Blogger School
    Workshop for journalists and writers. Learning about texts and genres, skills sharing, practical experience of writing to newspapers, websites and social media. Head of the workshop Natalia Ermolina, journalist and blogger.

    Karelian Journalist Union
    Board of Karelian Journalist Union regularily hosts its meetings, briefings and conferences on the club's platform, as well as awarding ceremonies for journalists.

  • Language clubs
    Finnish, English, Spanish, Norwegian speaking clubs - immersion into language atmosphere on different levels, starting from advanced level of English to Spanish for beginners.

    Languages are taught by students, teachers and professors. Non-formal atmosphere of language clubs helps to overcome the language barrier.

  • Movies and literature
    Literature club "The Other World"
    Every second week connosseuirs of good literature gather together in the club and discuss bestsellers and classics.

    Movie discussion club
    Movie club with discussions. Along with the club, art-space hosts different movie festivals: Days of German Cinema, festival of Polish Cinema "Visla", festival of street cinema, animation festival "Krok", festival of documentary movies from Parallax Pictures.

  • Yoga and dance
    Twice a week visitors of Agriculture club can practice hatha yoga with a professional yoga teacher.

    Together with social dance school Primavera we provide our visitors with an opportunity to learn social dances. Suits both for amateurs and returning dancers.
Women-oriented projects and feminism support is one of the missions of our club. Our formats include feminist festivals, lectures, breakfast meetings, support of young female artists and photographers.
Queer Onego (****QI+ group)
Our platform is a place for ****QI+ group that is aimed at brining ****QI+ and ****QI+friendly people together to watch movies, to listen to lectures, and to have discussions on different topics. We run a format called Human Library to make people in the community aware of other identities and their problems.
Unfortunately, due to the new legislature in Russia, any mention of **** can be considered propaganda and a punishable administrative offense. But you guessed what **** mean, right?
Marginalized groups
Marginalized groups are also supported through various projects that take place in Agriculture club.
Conference about cancer "Cancer, who are you?" gathered people of different backgrounds in the club. The format included lectures, workshops, chatting, concert and registeration to the bone marrow donors registry.
Conference on HIV and AIDS allowed to introduce stories of HIV positive people from Petrozavodsk in the form of the documantal theatre, and the audience got a chance to listen to an HIV+ activist from St.Petersburg Natalia Zamanskaya.

Marginalized groups are in the focus of our social projects and more topics are to come soon.

Phone: +7 9114006309
Kommunalnaya street, 20A
If you are interested in collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us.
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